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9/11 Pictures shows that Americans are More United than Ever

The pictures of 9/11 terrorist attack on world trade center show that Americans are more united and that they’ll never forget 11th September 2001.

It’s 18 years already, but the attack still looks fresh when you take a deep look at the pictures.

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Seeing how the world trade center building burn and collapse is one thing we never want to experience again.

9/11 is a tragic day in the history of America. Lives were lost, properties were burnt down.

Firefighters did all they could to stop the fire, but the flames which took days to go down is one thing that will never forget easily.

President Trump dropped a tweet in the morning expressing how sad he felt. Trump and First Lady, took a picture together and captioned it #We Will Never Forget.”.

Karl Rove also expressed how difficult it is for him to forget the saddest event that happened when he was a senior adviser to President George W. Bush back then in 2001.

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The image of a firefighter covered with ash shows the heroics work of the firefighters on that faithful day.

A firefighter is left covered with ash

Seeing this particular picture today (9/11 memorial day) only reminds me of the great love displayed by the firefighters on the 11th of September 2001.

The rescue workers need to not to be forgotten so easily as they did a lot of work to ensure that many people work back home safe and sound.

In the picture below you’ll see one of the rescue workers helping one another to stay up.

Rescue workers help one another

9/11 attack claimed the lives of many wonderful Americans which includes some firefighters. As you can clearly see below, the picture Tony James as he cries while attending the funeral service for New York Fire Department Chaplain Rev. Mychal Judge.

Firefighter Tony James cries while attending the funeral service for New York Fire Department Chaplain (Joe Raedle / Getty Images)

Every memorial service of 9/11, millions of Americans remembers friends and family members who never made it out of world trade centers terror attack.