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Amazon’s Prime Day 2019: Top 9 Unbelievable New Celebrity Products

JoJo Siwa - 24 new JoJo Siwa products

The 2019 Amazon prime is just a few days ahead. Right now, you can check out the 9 Unbelievable celebrity products.

Amazon prime 2019 is going to feature many new celebrity products. You need to see the current 9 celebrities who’s products will hit the prime 2019.

This year Amazon prime day will officially start on 15th July 2019. This prime day will last for 48 hours.

Take a while look at the celebrity products on Amazon early deals today.

Kobe Bryan – Art of sports

Kobe Bryan – Art of sports

The quality of the deodorant you use, depends on the production processes. When talking about high quality deodorants, kobe Bryan’s Art of Sport deodorant shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Products include Deodorant with matcha, Shampoo and Conditioner with coconut oil, Body Wash with tea-tree oil, Body Scrub Bar with activated charcoal, Recovery Cream with arnica and eucalyptus, and SPF 50 sunscreen.

This deodorant is carefully made with better formulas, more botanicals, energizing scents, and no unnecessary chemicals.

Kristen Bell – This Bar Saves Lives

Kristen Bell – This Bar Saves Lives

If you’re a fan of gluten-free, non-GMO, and kosher snack bars, then this delicious snack bars from Kristen bell should ring a bell.

Kristen Bell does not only sell this to you, but your single purchase gives a child in need of food.

With Amazon 2019 prime day, you can get 20% off.

Rhett & Link’s Mythical grooming products

The grooming issues are never-ending, and that’s why Amazon is given a 20% discount for Rhett & Link’s Mythical grooming products this prime day.

Getting your Rhett & Link’s Mythical grooming products like lip balm, hair cream, and beards oil from American comedy duo and BFFs Rhett & Link in this year Amazon prime will be cool for your hair and beards.

Marshmello – Stuffed Puffs

Marshmello – Stuffed Puffs

The best-stuffed puffs deals will be coming to Amazon. The masked artist “Marshmello” will be getting a stuffed puffs to everyone that enjoys it.

This year Amazon Prime will come with a 20% deal on any stuff puffs.

Zac Brown – DemerBox

Zac Brown – DemerBox

Zac Brown is at it again, this time he’s going to be bringing a 20% off any purchase of the new innovative speaker.

The amazing new and stylish DB2 will be going for good price for Amazon prime members.

Will and Jaden Smith – JUST Water

Will and Jaden Smith
Will and Jaden Smith – JUST Water

Having a bottled water in a plant-based cartons is amazing. Jaden Smith and his famous father founded just water in 2012, and they’ve been making healthy bottled water since then.

You can Shop this on Amazon

There’s this amazing feeling that comes with drinking spring water flavored with organic fruit essences.

If you’re an Amazon prime member, you can get up to 25% off.

Mark Wahlberg – Performance Inspired

Mark Wahlberg – Performance Inspired

If being fit is one thing you love most, then getting protein powders, sports-nutrition bars, and training supplements by Mike Wahlberg won’t be a bad idea.

Mike Wahlberg is one of the Hollywood actors that looks fit all the time.

With Amazon prime membership, you can get a 20% on mike Wahlberg performance products.

JoJo Siwa – 24 new JoJo Siwa products

JoJo Siwa – 24 new JoJo Siwa products

A celebrity from the almighty Nickelodeon will be bringing her products to Amazon prime members.

Jojo Siwa is currently making headlines for her new products coming to Amazon prime members. Some of the products includes:  fashion tops, hoodies, dresses, JoJo roller skates, aluminum scooter with neon rainbow bow, plus other amazing products.

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Hilary Duff – Cubcoats

Hilary Duff – Cubcoats

Talented American actress “Hilary Duff” is bringing an amazing cubcoats to all Amazon prime members.

Don’t miss out on the new four special cubcosts Hilary duff is bringing on a prime day.

Dayo the Dinosaur, Toothless Dragon, Light Fury Dragon and Uki the, Unicorn will go for a 30% off on Amazon prime day 2019.