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Britney Taylor: 10 Things about The lady that accused Antonio Brown of Rape

The top 10 things about Britney Taylor is here now.

Taylor recently listed 3 occasions when Antonio Brown sexually abused her.

Today, you’ll find out the top 10 things about this lady who accused Brown of rape.

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Since the news about the rape case broke out on Tuesday evening, so many people are searching to know who this Lady is.

She graduated from LSU (Louisiana State University) in 2013. While the was schooling at LSU, she was in the gymnastic team. She recorded huge success while playing for the LSU triggers.

Taylor graduated with a degree in sports administration and business management in 2013.

Britney Taylor started gymnastics from her young age. She made good records while in high school.

She trained for so many hours a day, this made her become extremely good in her career.

Where is Britney Taylor From?

It may interest you to know that she’s from Memphis, Tenn.

Britney Taylor: 10 Things about The lady that accused Antonio Brown of Rape

She has played so many games during in Tennessee, and she’s one of the top-rated in the city.

According to the tigers, website, she has once Led the team with a 9.90 on beam in the NCAA Super Six Finals (4/20).

In 2011, she was listed as the top athlete at  Central Michigan.

Before she moved to LSU, she was listed as the freshman of the year back in 2010.

During her stay in Gonzales, Louisiana she worked as an assistant manager at Republic Finance.

Britney Taylor currently owns a studio where she trains aspiring gymnasts called  Taylor’Ed Gymnastics in the heart of Memphis.

Few hours after the news of the rape went viral, she took down her Facebook and Instagram account.

It is widely believed that she did that too prove herself and family members.

Bridget Taylor is Britney’s mother. We also found out that she has been engaged since 2018.