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Cedric Benson Death: The Top 5 things you must know

Hearing about Cedric Benson death breaks my heart so much. But it’s not a rumor and we all need to take heart.

However, today you’ll see the 5 top things you need to know about Cedric Benson death.

Here you’ll see what caused his death.

Even as am writing this, I still find it hard to believe that Cedric Benson is dead.

First, you need to understand that Cedric Benson death was caused by a motorcycle accident.

Secondly, before his death, Cedric shared his motorcycle picture via his social media handle.

The accident that led to the death of this formal University of Texas football legend and former NFL running back occurred around 10:20 p.m. on FM 2222 and Mount Bonnell Road.

From the reports, we found out that Benson died at the spot of the accident, with and a lady who’s in her 30s.

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According to the police report, Benson and the lady were heading to FM 2222 before a minivan.

Cedric Benson Death: The Top 5 things you must know

At the time of the accident which led to Cedric Benson death on Saturday, two others had non-life-threatening injuries, we wish them quick recovery.

Just a few minutes after Benson’s death rumors spread the whole NFL community, his family and friends confirmed that it wasn’t a rumor that Benson is dead.

Benson’s lawyer also confirms his death as well. Below is a copy of the message from Benson’s lawyer.

“Cedric was not just a client, he was my friend,” Bassett told the outlet. “He was immensely talented and fierce on the football field yet most have no idea the difficulties he overcame to achieve what he did.

Though imperfect in some respects, once Cedric was your friend you understood how kind, sensitive and loyal he was as a man. He was like a younger brother or nephew to me. I will miss him very much.”

Cedric Benson Death is one that was never expected, may his soul rest in peace.