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Walmart will End the sales of E-cigarette because of Backlash 

Walmart is ending the sales E-cigarette, and other vaping products their stores.

This is coming after they received a series of backlash regarding the health implications of E-cigarette.

Walmart said on Friday that it will be ending the sales of all vaping products once they finish their current stock.

The company released an official statement noting the major reason why they are about to stop the sales of E-cigarette:

“growing federal, state and local regulatory complexity” regarding vaping products.

More than 8 persons have been reported dead so far.

The decision taken by Walmart will defiantly help young people from dying.

Walmart said it will be leaving the E-cigarette business because of the current flux experienced in regulatory of the business.

Viacom, CBS, and WarnerMedia said are about to stop all E-cigarette advertiser.

From the lock of things, it seems like this is the end of the road for vaping business in America.

Walmart said it will be taking this decision seriously as vaping-related lung disease and deaths have been on a resort for days now.

Most customers have applauded Walmart for taking such wonderful decisions towards ensuring better life and health for youngsters who go for vaping products. However, some customers criticized Walmart for choosing to stop the sales of e-cigarettes.

This decision is coming in weeks after some States the sales of vaping products.

Michigan is now the first state in the U.S. to ban the sales of e-cigarettes.

Health officials have not confirmed the possible cause of deaths, and lungs problems resulting from vaping.

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President Donald Trump’s administration is now waking towards ensuring the removal of flavored e-cigarettes from stores.

Walmart will End the sales of E-cigarette because of Backlash

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 530 confirmed and probable cases have been reported in 38 states and one U.S. territory, up from 380 a week ago.